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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Gonzo resurfaces at 10am

Sky News spotted Gonzo again near Battersea Park at 10am this morning. Gonzo's currently half way between Battersea Bridge and Battersea Rail Bridge.

Experts are going to make the decision whether to attempt a rescue attempt in the next hour.

Apparently he's swimming quite well, albeit in the wrong direction.


Anonymous Theo Peters (Fortaleza,Brasil) said...

"Experts are going to make the decision whether to attempt a rescue attempt in the next hour."
Or else what they gonna do?

Experts. What is a definition of an expert? Someone who knows?
I follow your blog, now for around 24 hours. It makes me sad the thought that it can be they will kill Gonzo.
Who are they to make a decision like that? Is one of them GOD?

Personal i do not see any reason that they can not rescue Gonzo. Why not blocking all entrys so he have to go back to the sea? Or iám stupid. They should do directly.

UK spend a lot of money on a stupid war. They better spend to save a Gonzo!!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a feeling some guilty people thought he might be creating a public disturbance...

We can all guess who they are.

3:59 AM  
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