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Friday, January 20, 2006

Mixed reports from LEWIS Whale Watch followers

Some comments from the thousands of people that have been visiting LEWIS Whale Watch and emailing the team:

"Our whales are doing strange things lately. Fin whales in the English Channel earlier this week as well as fin whales only a few metres off the coast of West Cork three weeks ago. Let us know if you would like more info." Wendy Slocum, Whale Watch West Cork

"Look, I'm a zoologist, and Gonzo is fine. They just gotta get those motor boats away, that's the first thing."

"Poor wee chap. Let him do his thing. Save Gonzo by not interfering with him. Let nature take its course."

"Surely with the news coverage and the public interest we as a nation can save this whale?"

"If they can get him back to the open sea, or back on track, without causing him any further distress, then please do it. But let's not be trigger happy, just because it's getting dark."

"I hate the pompous pratishness that becomes evident. The so-called specialists making fools of themselves. Without any proof they come out and say 'it must be ill', 'we need to anesthetise it', 'we must destroy it'. Sorry, but I am a scientist as well and there is no reason make such affirmations or presumptions without any supporting evidence."

Stay in touch, people. Let's SAVE GONZO.


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